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Knitted Jersey Fitted Sheet Manufacturing

We all wish for a comfortable sleep without any disturbance.

Good sleep is only possible when you will have something comfortable to sleep on.

Having smooth jersey fitted sheets for your beds and pillows can make it possible for you to have a night of cozy and comfortable sleep.

We will cover sections related to material, sizes, colors, and packaging.

Oya textile is a jersey fitted sheet manufacturer and exporter in Turkey.

Which material is the best for Fitted Jersey Sheets?

Fitted Jersey sheets are the most comfortable. The reason behind its comfort and coziness is the material being used which is Cotton.

Why Cotton is the best option for sheets?

Cotton is the best option as it is soft, smooth, and comfortable.

Fitted sheets have direct contact with your skin. So, for that reason, they are made from cotton and when they touch your skin, you get to have a good feeling. Along with that, cotton provides a good feeling when you compare it with stiff woven sheets.

Cotton is better than other materials as it has more absorbency. If you get wet during the night, cotton will help absorb the wet and will keep you dry.

Unlike other materials, cotton’s lifetime is much longer. Also, cotton is washable up to more than 100 times and still keeps its quality after several washes.

Moreover, cotton is biodegradable and Eco Friendly. This will help to save the planet without polluting it. But, cotton is a bit expensive than polyester and other various fabrics.

Why Polycotton materials are also preferred in hotels?

Along with cotton, poly-cotton is also preferred in hotels for fitted sheets. This is because it has the longest life span. It can last for a long period due to its quality.

Also, poly-cotton is durable at 90 degrees of washing. The polyester in Polly cotton makes it impossible for sheets to rip or get tore easily.

Moreover, shrinkage in poly cotton is less than other materials. This is why it is also used in hotels for fitted sheets.

What is the ideal sizes for Jersey Fitted Sheets:

Most people make mistakes while choosing the right and the best-fitted jersey sheets for their mattresses. The size of a jersey sheet is very much important.

Every Country has different sizes and models in fitted sheets so we can customize the sizes depend on the target clients.

Fitted sheets can be provided in sizes such as 90x200cm, 100x200cm and 120x200cm. We can produce in any size in mass production both for adults and babies. 

It will depend upon the size of the mattress you have.

We even produce dog fitted sheets from microfiber materials. They absorb the water very well and provide higher comfort to your lovely pets.

Colors available for the Jersey Fitted Sheets:

As far as the color is concerned, the Oya textile can provide its customers with a variety of options.

Unlike other textile companies, Oya textiles can customize the colors of knitted jersey fitted sheets on the client’s demand and whatever the client requests.

As a result, this can prove to be beneficial for the client as there is 100 percent customer satisfaction, and all of the needs of clients are fulfilled.

The packaging is the key point to sell online or offline

As we know, the packaging is the most crucial element in selling products in shop and e-commerce websites. Therefore, it is vital that packaging should be of top-notch quality.

Now to ensure the level of quality, Oya textile provides its customers with custom packaging, including private labels, hangtags, PVC packaging, and special carton packaging.

Oya textile understands the importance of excellent and high-quality packaging as it can keep the jersey fitted sheets secure and protected from various things.

To sum up:

Overall, Knitted Jersey Fitted Sheets should be your go-to option as they are produced by a reliable manufacturer, Oya textile, and in comparison to the woven jersey sheets, knitted Jersey sheets, and more comfortable and stretchable.

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Moreover, Oya textile stands out among its competitors by providing total customer satisfaction and offering better customer services. 

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