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Waffle Weave Towels and Bathrobes Manufacturing in Turkey

To manufacture a waffle towel or Bathrobe is the key point for the home textile companies, especially e-commerce business owners.

So, it is really important to know the basic quality parameters in terms of private label manufacturing in Turkey.

? I will summarize the most important points you should pay attention to about the production of waffle towels.

Oya textile is the manufacturer of waffle towels and bathrobes in high-quality fabric. It’s a turkey-based company that is famous for exporting the world’s best towels, bathrobes, mats, etc.

Where Do we use waffle towels?

We often use a towel for bath or kitchen usage to wipe out dust or food spots. These towels are of different categories and are made with different types of fabrics.

Waffle towels are made with cotton or microfiber to give you a luxurious feeling after bath. It covers almost all areas of usage either for bathroom, kitchen or for bed spreading.

Their surface is made of box-shaped waffles to quickly suck the water or dust from surfaces. That’s why these towels are called waffle towels.

We mostly prefer microfiber waffle towels for cleaning or kitchen usage.

Features and Quality of waffle fabrics

? Right! the absorbency is really enough to use as a bath or hand towel.

? Waffle towels are renowned to use as quick body drying stuff. Its waffle shape boxes would suck off water from your body in just one rubbing.

? The cotton made waffle towels are made of such fabric that air crossed from it and help to dry out quickly.

? Another super quality of waffle towels is that they are extremely less in weight. So, you can easily carry it anywhere without feeling burdened. Its weight could be between 200 gsm to 450 gsm.

However, we prescribe you to use 400gsm for bulky waffle towels. This size is prescribed to extend its absorption quality.

? It is too soft that your body won’t feel harsh when you rub it on your body.

Normally, A towel could hold all its functionality up to 2 to 4 years but these waffle towels would serve you for at least 3 to 5 years.

During this duration, it wouldn’t get harder or less absorber, you would surely feel it as new like that time when you purchased it.

Design and Customization

Mostly waffle towels are being used in white color but you are not bound to it.

You can also ask for other colors as these waffle weaves are also used in different kinds of bathrobes and facial gowns. So, you can also place your customized color scheme for waffle towels or bathrobes.

Also, its color would never get faded whenever you wore it after a bath.

Care tips for long-lasting of waffle towels

As we have examined that its fabric is made of high-quality cotton that it would last long. But still, you have to adopt some care tips to extend its life more and enjoy its luxurious feeling.

So here are some tips which would help you in usage;

? Try to wash it before its first usage at 40° warm water.

? Drying waffle towels in the air would be best, somehow, if you want to dry it immediately then use an iron at low temperature.

? Avoid using chemicals for towel softness as they will decrease its absorbance.

? To make it more durable, prevent washing them with other clothes that include hooks, zip, etc. As they will damage the towel.

? Adding a half cup of vinegar would make your towel more absorbent and long-lasting.

About Oya textile, Why choose Oya textile?

There are many advantages that let you choose Oya textile to order waffle towels, bathrobes, etc.

? Oya textile is a renowned company in Turkey which offers you customized color schemes, even on minimum order.

? It also serves you with customized designs for e-commerce business owners.

? Oya textile could also ship your order in Europe in 7 to 8 working days.

? Oya textile has been serving its customers for years, as we have knowledge of productivity and exploring towels and bathrobes.

? Our working experience would make you proud to sell or buy unusual and quality products.

So after having all these advantages, what are you waiting for!

Start your own online sales with Waffle Bathrobes or Towels

? Contact us to get more information.

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