A Complete Hotel Towels Buying Guide

Hotel Towels

There are several important factors to affect the hotel towel’s softness, appearance, feel, longevity, colorfastness, and performance.

How to choose the right towels for hotels, healthcare, and spa facilities or  What to look for in hotel towels when sourcing the towels for industrial usage? 

Don’t worry! Oya’s Technical Team created a clear towel buying guide for you.

This guide helps you both buying hotel towels from your wholesaler supplies or make a customized fresh production in a manufacturing company such as Oya Textile in Turkey.

Here are the tips that you have to check carefully!

What is the Quality Hotel Towels Material for Sale in bulk?

Fibers: Of course, the Pile yarn must be 100 % cotton for sure. The warp and weft yarn can be polycotton for longevity and less shrinkage. There is also micro cotton towels are preferred in hotels nowadays. For more information visit Micro Cotton Towels. 

Yarn types are classified into 3 categories such as Combed, Carded or open-end yarn regarding the cotton fibers length.

Combed yarn is highly expensive to produce hotel towels. They can be preferable at suit or luxurious hotels. On the other hand, the open-end yarn has not enough fiber length and softness to weave a towel.

Most common pile yarn is carded yarn for industrial towels. That is the right yarn option to meet both quality and budget requirements for most hotels.

Yarn number is 16/1 single yarn or 20/2 double yarn for pile threads. which one is the best option for the hotels?

Single yarns enable high pile height to the towels and the towels become soft due to this high pile threads. On the other hand, the longevity of the high pile threads is less than the low pile threads( double yarn). There will be a pilling problem after several washing.

The best option is double yarn for hotel towels but the weight must be at least 480 gsm to reach enough pile heights.

Hotel Towel Collection Sizes

Every region/country has its own sizes in towels. The sizes mainly categorized as below.

Wash Cloth is sold by many hotel towels wholesalers. It is 30×30 cm / 30×50 cm or 13’’x13’’ in sizes for USA/Canada market

Hand Towel is a must in all cheap and luxurious hotels. It is 50×90/100 cm in sizes for all europian markets.  Italian hotels prefer 40×60 cm and USA Hotels use 16’’x40’’ in sizes.

Bath Towel is mostly used by 70×130/140 cm and Italian hotels buy by 60×100/110 cm. It is 27’’x52’’ in sizes in USA Hotels.

Bath Sheet is an oversized bath towel. The size is  90×150 cm/ 100×150 cm. USA Hotels prefer 35’’x60’’ in sizes.

Hotel Pool Towel length must be longer than the bath towels. It is most commonly 90×160 / 180 cm or 100×180 cm in sizes.

Hotel Bathmat is 50×70 cm in sizes. The size would be in oversized such as 60×100 cm. The typical size is 27’’x52’’ in sizes in USA market.

Hotel Bathrobe is mostly in a single size for man and women. L or XL size fit for man and women.

Design of the Best Hotel Towels

Towels are produced by 2 different types of machines, Dobby or Jacquard.

Dobby machine has limited capacity to create a design in towels. For example, plain towels, vertical strıpes or up and down piles.

On the other hand, a Jacquard machine has no limit to creating designs in towels. It is possible to write a hotel name on it like ‘’ Hilton Hotel’’  Jacquard towels are expensive around 15 % than dobby towels.

Double pile yarn enables us to create the clearest design in sculpted hotel towels.

What are the Hotel Towel Colors?

Of course, hotel towels are 99 % in white colors in every country but there are some boutique hotels prefer to use colored hotel towels such as beige or grey in colors. That is absolutely normal but keep in your mind the colored towels must be vat dyed. That means washable at 90 degrees and it has a chlorine resistance. Otherwise, nobody will be happy with a washed at 40 or 60 degree and smelly towels.

Hotel Pool towels also mostly preferred by colored stripes. They have to be dyed by vat dying process to gain enough colorfastness.

Luxury Hotel Towel Weight ( GSM Explained)

Towels are sold by Kilogram because the yarn also sold in a kilogram. Towels are measured in units known as Gram Square Meters (gsm).  We can categorize the weight of the hotel towels as below

Low weight hotel towels vary between 300- 400 gsm. They are preferred for quick dry and low-cost advantages. There is also waffle towels the weight varies between 200 to 400 gsm. They are also a good option for lightweight towels.  Their pile yarn construction must be a single yarn to have enough pile height. Otherwise, there will not be enough softness in towels.

Medium weight hotel towels vary between 400 to 500 gsm. That is the weight of the ideal towel for 3 and 4 stars hotels.

High weight hotel towels vary between 500 to 800 gsm. They are preferred for high-level hotels. We suggest the weight up to 600 gsm to have an economical and environment-friendly towel.  They have to be produced by double-pile yarn to have ideal pile height.

There is also another option for luxurious hotels that is a micro cotton towel. Their weight can be 500 gsm but it looks like 700 gsm or more because it has a fluffy pile appearance.

With our above buying guides, you will choose the right towels based on your budget and needs.

For further information or to buy the best hotel towels in bulk from our wholesale towel stocks please contact our Technical Sales Team. We are the manufacturer company in Turkey so we can also provide you the customized towels by fresh production.

Don’t decide to buy towels before to see our competitive prices.