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About Us

OYA Ev Tekstili ve Tic. Ltd. Şti

Hi, this is Oya Ev Tekstili ve Tic. Ltd. Şti I represent my founders’ long-lasting dream of creating a company that fulfil the gap that current international buyers or future ones would face at purchasing home and hotel textile goods from Turkey.

Proud to be the fruit of my founders’ background- Textile engineering and digital marketing to help international buyers find the right information, clear ambiguous concerns communicated in a plain way.

Turkey’s textile has a worldwide reputation which has been gained through the years of hardworking, innovating and richness history of the Turk people’s enthusiasm to fashion, décor, and wellbeing.

Purchasing from Turkey’s factories can lead to misunderstanding between the international buyers and local factories for many reasons such as: languages, market culture awareness

The reason behind my founder’s aim to provide a complete support to international buyers with friendly-budget products, marketing-matching sizes and textile technical support.

Offering a great business experience to my customers is a priority, not only the market-matching quality but also competitive friendly-budget, shipment support, after-shipment follow-up and a great window of rising awareness on textile news, information via our organized blog-posting updated regularly.