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Microfiber Dog Towels Manufacturer in Turkey

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Turkey is famous for its production and manufacturing quality in towels carpets etc. You can find the best microfiber towel manufacturer companies in turkey.

We are one of them, manufacturing the best pet / Dog towels, blankets, etc. we are offering a wide range in these categories for your daily needs.

For our prime focus on wholesale dealers, start-ups, and e-commerce entrepreneurs. we are offering great customized private packages with their own branding also.

No matter if you are an individual and want to start your online store. Set your main priority to us for quality and best microfiber towel manufacturers in Turkey. Obviously, we have reliable packages with no compromise on quality.

If you are a dog or pet lover and want to get rid of that odor which is produced during giving a bath to your dog. Actually, when you give a bath to your dog their skin is covered with a huge amount of hair or fur. Which going to irritate your dog until it is wet. So, try the best pet microfiber towel to dry your dog immediately.

Is a microfiber towel suitable for your dog?

I am going to tell you in detail in this article. So read it carefully.

Mostly we humans use towels made with different materials like cotton or polymeric. But you can’t give a Cotton towel to your pet. He will tor it down with his paws.

Moreover, it got wet quickly and then you went to dry that towel instead of drying your dog. Which is going to create an odor in all your room or apartment.

Microfiber towels are the best towels for dogs. There are many reasons to use a microfiber pet towel.

? The first and foremost reason is that microfiber pet towels are the most absorbing towels. They can dry out your dog’s fur in minutes without getting wet. ( if you choose the right yarn material!)

? The second reason to use a microfiber pet towel is that you can carry it out when you are hiking with your dog. And wants to wash his paw and legs before entering the house.

? The third reason to use a microfiber dog towel is that they are not too costly to buy. And can use both for humans as well as pets.

Best Dog towels manufacturing FAQ

What are the ideal sizes or what is our factory capacity?

Mostly our wholesale dealers demanded the 80×120cm size but we also provide a maximum size of 100×150cm of dog towels.

We also make dog drying bags and fitted sheets in all sizes.

The main component in size is the length and height of the bag and we really keep an eye on that and it helps in covering the dog to dry it immediately.

How many colors are available in microfiber towels?

We provide 3 to 4 colors which are in stock and you can buy any time. Also, you can make your own collection colors in buying criteria but we provide 3000 pieces at least in the minimum order of selected colors.

Can ı add my brand logo on pet microfiber towels?

Obviously, we can add your brand’s logo. We also have the efficiency and talent of adding your brand label on the towels and we also act upon the customizations the buyer needs from us. Or we can also provide you with our special creating package for you.

 How much time does it take in the Production of microfiber dog towels?

We usually make the deals fast but sometimes if we don’t have goods in stock it takes 4 to 6 weeks but if we have in stock it takes only 3 weeks.

What is the minimum order quantity? 

Our order quantity also provides some comfort during order. We provide 1000 pieces from our available stock and 3000 pieces for private colors.

Moreover, Oya textile stands out among its competitors by providing total customer satisfaction and offering better customer services. 

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