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Strechable Sofa Covers ( Burumcuk)


Oya textile is the manufacturer and exporter of sofa cover in Denizli/Turkey.

We provide custom-made production in any size and quantities if you choose the colors from our ready colored fabrics. We can add your company logo onto the sofa to cover labels or packages.

The fabric of this sofa cover stretches to fit even hard-to-cover sofas and is designed to stay in place.

HighQuality Liquid Resistant Sofa Cover

  • Our Easy to Use and Stretchable Sofa Cover also can be produced by the liquid-repellent process. It Protects the sofa cover from tea or coffee spills, and kids ice creams or chocolates!
  • High-Quality Fabric – Made of high-quality fabric 40 % Cotton, 40 % Polyester, and 20 % Elastane, Making a very secure and snug fit.
  • Fit Wearing – Made from a stretchable material that’s ideal to fit all kinds of sofas.
  • Super easy to wash – Simply put it in the Washing machine!
  • Super Easy to install, It literally takes less than a minute to turn your old Sofa into your new Favorite Sofa!
  • Simply Stretch & Pullover your Sofa, tie it up on the bottom and tuck in the Edges

Wide Range of Colors Options

sofa cover colors


All orders are expertly packaged in a single polybag bag, then we put 4 pcs or 10 pcs into big carton boxes to deliver to you in a good condition.

Shipping & Delivery

All orders are expertly prepared for the export in carton boxes. 

Box size: 80x60x100 cm ( for 10 pcs)

20” Container fits for 600 pcs sofa cover sets.

We offer worldwide shipping such as Arabic Countries, Russia, Ukraine, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco …

We ship within one week if you order from our stock colors and sizes to İstanbul or Directly to your country.

Big box delivery

Average delivery times:

Arabic Countries ( vessel) 15-25 Days
Russia ( Truck) 11-18 Days
Ukraine 7-12 Days
Europe 7-12 Days

* Free Samples are available, For further information, contact with OYA TEAM

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