What is a Vat-Dyed(Indanthrane) Towel?

Vat-dyed pool beach towels

There are two types of dyeing processes that can be used to dye a towel. Vat(Indanthrane) dyed or Reactive dyed.

We can also categorize the dying process as yarn-dyed towels or plain-dyed towels in manufacturing.  But there is no need to explain in more detail here.

ı will summarise the vat-dyed towels’ pros and cons as below.


* Washable at 90 degrees; That allows hotels to use colored towels.

* The colors withstand from harsh chemicals and chlorine even after more no of washes. That’s why it is suitable for pool, spa and hair salon towels.

* Insoluble in water; So we the fastness property is good.

* Vat dyes work on Cotton, Wool and also other natural fibers.

*They are color-fast, do not bleed, and retain the color much longer than the reactive dye processç We prefer vat-dyed process for Cabana Strıpe towels otherwise the colors bleed in white stripes.

* The colors are not fade more quickly.


* VAT dye process is around 15 % more expensive than reactive dyes. But keep in mind we can use these towels longer than reactive dyed towels so we can save also in this way.

* A vat dyes towel color does not be bright as colors in the reactive dye process

💥 Where are Vat-Dyed Towels used?

Hotels; for colored towels, or weft colored towels with hotel bordure.

Spa centers for colored towels and they have to wash at 90 degrees all towels.

Hair and Beauty Salons because they use many chemicals to remove make-ups

Pool Areas; there is chlorine in the pools so they have to use chlorine resistant towels.

Gym salons and hospitals…

We can personalize your designs and put your hotel logo on towels bordure by Indanhtrane weft yarn. We are the manufacturer and exporter of vat dyed pool towels. where else do you use these towels?


👉 Meet OYA’s Team for further information about manufacturing and exporting vat-dyed towels from Denizli, Turkey.


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