Textile sur mesure pour la maison et l'hôtel

Bamboo Towels for Luxurious Hotels

Bamboo Towels for hotels

It sounds good, Yeah! That could be a niche product for Boutique or 5-star hotels. Customers will have a great experience with these bamboo towels and then they will take the towels to their home.

No, No It is not like that. I never sell a bamboo towel to a hotel or spa center. Because Bamboo towels are not suitable for industrial usage. I will summarise the reasons one by one.

Some e-commerce entrepreneurs try to start a business by Bamboo towels for hotels. Hope they will not make such mistakes. Actually it may work, ı mean some hotels maybe buy and try it but ı don’t know they will order the second time or not.

Why Bamboo Towels are not suitable for Industrıal Usage?

Bamboo Fibers are sensitive fibers that’s why we prefer to use at least 30 % cotton / 70 % Bamboo yarns in production. Because Bamboo yarn has not enough strength to produce towels. Besides, towels made with only bamboo yarn are not long-lasting.

Bamboo towels can not be washed at 90 degrees.  This is the biggest problem to use bamboo towels in hotels or spa centers. Because hotel towels can not be clean and healthy by washing at 40 or 60 degrees.

Even we wash the bamboo towels at 90 degrees and make them clean for hotels, the towels will lose the softness and anti-bacterial properties after 8-10 washing. Because the pile yarns will be damaged at high-temperature washing.

Bamboo Towels have bright colors and keep that color for a long time if we fallow the washing instructions. Otherwise, the bright colors will be fade at high-temperature washing. Than the alluring feature of bamboo towels will go away.

As a result, we don’t suggest to use bamboo towels for ındustrial usage to avoid wasting. I think we need to make environmentally conscious consumption decisions in order not to harm the world anymore.

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