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Bed Linen Guide for Hotels

Bed linens for hotel

We all know, it is very important to choose the right bed linens, If you want to create an excellent experience for your guests in hotels. And that can be your positive point as well.

Choosing the right linens requires a lot of search and experience. Not just that, it also creates a positive impact on your guest. So if you want to impress your guest, then look for the ideal material and exceptional manufacturing quality. This is the easiest way to get bed linens for your hotels.

Hotel Bed Linen Guide

Here is everything you need to know about hotel bed linens whether you buy it from manufacturer and exporter or a wholesaler:

1. Type of Fibers; Turkish Cotton, Egyptian Cotton or Microfiber

According to a general rule, it is thread per inch square to give a smooth texture to the fabric. However, in reality, the type of fiber greatly impacted the finished products.  The real story here, we’re going to go even further than the thread counts and fiber types.

We mostly focus on the thread counts or fiber type ( Egyptian cotton or Turkish Cotton). What we basically need to know is fiber properties. Then we can understand the effect of the thread count or fiber types.

What do I mean by fiber properties?  I will explain a little bit of Cotton yarn production than you will understand better.

How to produce cotton yarn?

That is really important to decide to buy Egyptian cotton or Turkish cotton bed linens!

Fibers’ length and the thickness is the matter in yarn production.  That’s why sometimes Turkish Cotton can be better than Egyptian cotton. Its all about math such as fibers length and thread diameter.

Cotton yarn is produced by spinning the fibers.

The twisting method!  It is simple, our grandmothers used to that by a wood hand tools 30 years ago.

We basically put the fibers on top of each other than twist them by a certain number.

The keyword is the twisting number.

That twisting number determines the softness and absorbency of the cotton yarn.

? Less twisted yarn means more bulky yarn.

? More bulky yarn means softer yarn.

? Softer yarn absorbency will be higher for sure.

Fiber’s lengths are being between 12 mm and 57 mm in cotton fibers.

We have a combed process in yarn production that eliminates the short threads so we obtain only long threads in combed yarn.  So Combed yarns have 30 mm and above fiber lengths.

That is highly enough yarn quality to produce up to 400TC bed linens.  For further thread counts, we need to use longer fibers than 50 mm such as Egyptian cotton.

As a result If your hotel prefers to buy bed linens under 400 Thread cotton, you don’t need to look bed linen produced by Egyptian cotton.

Egyptian cotton is known for its absorbency and long threads which is especially suited for sheets. The fibers are thin and enough long ( > 45 mm ) that allows to spin it in a low twist number So the result will be great if we are sure about the Egyptian cotton. That fiber will be perfect over 400 TC bed linens.

2. Thread Count

The term refers to the number of threads in one square inch; therefore as a general rule the higher the thread count the smoother the fabric. Unlike the general concept that prevails in the mind of people that the quality of bed linen depends on thread count.

In Turkey, Denizli, We mostly sell below qualities for europian clients and they are available in all companies’ stocks.

  • Ranforce ( Plain Weave) Bed Linens;145 TC and 160 TC
  • Sateen ( 4/1 Weaving) Bed linens; 210 TC, 250 TC, 265 TC, 300 TC
  • Percale ( Plain weave) Bed linens; 210 TC

For higher thread counts there must be order with higher quantities so we can make a fresh production.

I suggest our Hotel clients use 160 TC Ranforce bed linens for 3-4 star hotels and 210 TC Sateen bed linens for 5-star hotels.

There are some hotels that also want to buy higher thread counts to provide the best experience to their guests so we can suggest them to use 300 TC bed linens.

3. Weight

The quality of bed linens also depends on the weight and density of fiber. The weight of bed linen is independent of thread count.

Lightweight bed linens have thinner threads in comparison to thick threads, which are heavier.

Keep this in mind that the heavier the threads are the more you will feel uncomfortable.

Weight also depends on the yarn numbers used in bed linens such as Ne30/1, Ne40/1, Ne60/1…

Higher numbers mean thin yarns so we prefer to use Ne60/1 combed cotton yarns for sateen bed linens.

4. Fabric Composition

Of Course, it must be Cotton. We also produce poly-cotton bed linens as well regarding any demand.

Poly-cotton bed linens are more durable. that’s why that is preferred in industrial bed linens.

To provide the ultimate luxurious and regal experience to your guests, keep a keen eye on the fabric composition. Fabric composition is all about knowing the difference between natural and synthetic fibers such as polyester.

This is the reason, the choice of fabric completely changes the impact and entire look of the hotel room.

Pure cotton and cotton rich are two top choices in bed linens for hotels. Both of these options are famous for their unique and excellent features.

5. Weave

Weave, as the name indicates, represents how the bed linen fabric is woven.

The most common types of weave include plain weave, Percale weave, and sateen weave.

  • Plain weave or Ranforce Bed linens; which uses a crisscross pattern with a soft finish. They are mostly weaved between 140 -180 TC.
  • Percale Bed linens; They also have the same pattern as plain bed linens but their Thread counts are higher (it is a little tighter than plain weave) such as 210 TC.

They are characterized by a matte finish and a crisp hand. Our high-end cotton, 210 TC percale linens are light and invigorating yet incredibly soft.

Percale fabric is lighter in weight and more breathable making it perfect for summertime or warmer climates. Hotel rooms mostly being so hot.

That’s why we get many requests for percale bed linens.

  • Sateen Bed Linens are woven to create a silky smooth surface with a luminous sheen and is known for its luster and drape.

Sateen is usually a little thicker and more tightly woven. It has a soft, inviting touch, perfect to snuggle into bed with during the cold winter months.

6. Size

Just like it is essential to consider quality and type of fabric, size is also a critical factor to consider.

Most of the time, beds are of standard size; therefore, use the bed linens that fit best to them.

However, in case of customizable sizes, keep their size in consideration to give a finished and elegant look to the bed.

Another essential thing to consider in determining size is the depth of the mattress

7. Care Instructions

Your bed linens need care as well, like any other thing. To some, it may sound bizarre; however, care is needed during laundering. Here are some instructions that you should follow while washing the sheets.

  • You should always wash before use. This is because the first wash removes stray fibers, softens the sheet and prepares cotton for a long-life.
  • Use a gentle wash and spin cycle. Always wash beautiful natural fibres and whites on their own and never wash with synthetics. If possible, don’t overload your machine.
  • Avoid fabric softeners which artificially coat natural fibers that need to breathe. With regular use, you will experience a softness, unlike any fabric softener.
  • Make sure to wash them above 40 degrees.
  • Don’t mix the light colors with the darker ones.
  • If tumble drying, use a gentle setting and avoid overloading. Extreme or prolonged heat will dry natural fibers causing them to become brittle and lifeless over time. Natural drying is always best.
  • The best time to iron is when bedding is slightly damp as it will be easier.
8. Color Identification

Make sure your bed linens are in contrast with the overall theme of your hotel room. Therefore the color of your bed linen is essential to factor.

Mostly the hotel goes with plain crispy white color as we all know white never goes wrong. Besides, other options include patterned and textured for a statement look or some colorful bed linen.

Final Words

Choosing bed linen sheets can be hard for some people if they don’t know the right tricks. But with the help of our guide, you can become an expert.

Furthermore, before choosing the sheet, make sure to keep this in mind that bed linen should be soft, less heavy, and must have a quality fabric.

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