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Why People Pay More For GOTS Certified Organic Towels!

Organic Towels

Have you ever thought that the only product that touches our whole body is a Towel or Bathrobe? Plus we use it almost every single day! Towels must be our privacy 🙂

There is a high demand not only for organic foods but also for organic products in recent years. For example, Towels, Bed linens, clothing, homeware, personal care, and lifestyle products, and this includes fibers such as cotton, which are grown on plants.

Did you know that towels and bathrobes can be made by organic cotton too?

Cotton the type of plant found in every aspect of our lives. Clothes we wear are made from it, the sheets we sleep on, babies’ diapers and some food we consume as well.

Growing conventional cotton needs a great number of pesticides that has a negative impact on both the environment and health of creatures including humans.

The cost of such cotton is cheaper in comparison to the organic one but for farmer workers and your personal well-being, the organic cotton is the best and healthier option.

What is Organic Cotton?

It is simply ordinary cotton for sure but the only matter is the farming way!

The organic trade association refers to an organic cotton to be grown without the usage of any toxic pesticides or fertilizers and the farmers must be certified with an organic cotton certification [GOTS] with surveillance to apply the norms and ensure the quality as well.

Cotton and the Environment

The world’s insecticide use for the cotton corps is around 25% and these chemicals are considered to be very toxic chemicals and the health risks of pesticide for reproductive disorders, weaker immune systems.

Cotton is still had picked in many countries and workers are exposed to the toxic chemicals. It affects the environment in case they seeped into the water supply. Without denying that our personal health is at risk since many of the products made of cotton are used in our homes.

The consumption of water among cotton is considered to be the most intensives among any other agricultural crops.

Organic Towels [ GOTS Certified ]

Oya Textile is a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of GOTS Certified Organic Terry Towels which uses extremely 100% GOTS Certified Organic Turkish Cotton, allowing for a higher density weave with an incredibly luxurious feel and Long Lasting feature.

The result is a highly absorbent and exceptionally quick-drying, lightweight terry towel with a luxuriously soft, plush feel without toxic pesticides or dyes.

Organic Towels are produced in the Turkish city of Denizli which is famous for its luxurious cotton products in dobby and jacquard design with plain or yarn-dyed options at lower minimum order quantities.

Save the world with Organic towels!

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