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MicroLux® Dog Drying CoatMicroLux® Dog Drying CoatMicroLux® Dog Drying Coat
MicroLux® Dog Drying Coat
MicroLux® Dog Drying Coat

Manufactured by high performance soft microfiber fabric Circular Knitted Snag free fabric allow to use long time without any deformation

  • ✅ 80 % Polyester, 20 % Polyamide
  • ✅ 380 Gsm
  • ✅ Double Layer

Order & Production

Minimum Order Quantities for Custom Colors is 300 pieces ( 50 pcs from each size)

  • Wholesale Available Stock Colors
    • ✅ Grey
    • ✅ Red
  • Wholesale Available Stock Sizes
    • ✅ XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL

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**Unlocking the Benefits of Dog Drying Coats for Your Pet Business**

In the realm of pet grooming and care, dog drying coats have emerged as indispensable tools, akin to a cozy dressing gown for our furry companions. But what exactly are these coats, and why should pet stores and grooming salons prioritize their inclusion in their product offerings?

**Understanding Dog Drying Coats:**
Dog drying coats serve a dual purpose, functioning both as a towel and a protective winter coat for dogs. Whether after a bath or an outdoor adventure, these coats efficiently wick away moisture, keeping dogs dry and comfortable. Crafted with absorbing layers of microfiber, cotton, or toweling materials, they offer quick drying and optimal comfort for pets.


**Why Microfiber Reigns Supreme:**
Among the various materials used in dog drying coats, microfiber stands out as the optimal choice. Here's why:


1. **Quick-Drying:** 

Microfiber fabric boasts unparalleled quick-drying capabilities, ensuring that wet dogs are dried in mere minutes.

2. **Highly Absorbent:** 

With its exceptional absorbency, microfiber efficiently tackles moisture, leaving pets feeling fresh and dry.

3. **Odor Eliminating:** 

Microfiber's unique properties help mask wet dog smells, maintaining a pleasant environment for both pets and their owners.

4. **Comfort:** 

Dogs relish the comfort provided by microfiber drying coats, making grooming sessions a more enjoyable experience for them.

**Choosing the Right Material:**
While options like bamboo and terry woven fabrics exist, microfiber stands out as the material of choice for dog drying coats. Here's a quick comparison:


**Why Microfiber Reigns Supreme:**
Microfiber's unique composition of polyester and polyamide makes it a powerhouse material for dog drying coats. With its ability to attract oil, grease, and water, microfiber ensures thorough cleaning and rapid drying, facilitating a hassle-free grooming experience.


**Key Takeaways:**
For pet stores and grooming salons seeking to enhance their offerings, microfiber dog drying coats present an invaluable opportunity. With their quick-drying, absorbent, and odor-eliminating properties, these coats cater to the needs of both pets and their owners, ensuring a seamless grooming experience.

Add the microfiber drying coats today and elevate your pet grooming services to new heights. Your customers—and their beloved furry companions—will thank you for it.

Optimize your pet business with the finest microfiber dog drying coats from OYAPET. Experience the difference today.

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