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MicroLux Dog Towel with Hand PocketsMicroLux Dog Towel with Hand PocketsMicroLux Dog Towel with Hand Pockets
MicroLux Dog Towel with Hand Pockets
MicroLux Dog Towel with Hand Pockets

Manufactured by high performance soft microfiber fabric Circular Knitted Snag free fabric allow to use long time without any deformation

  • ✅ 80 % Polyester, 20 % Polyamide
  • ✅ 380 Gsm
  • ✅ Soft & Light-weight

Order & Production

Minimum Order Quantities for Custom Colors is 2000 pieces

  • Wholesale Available Stock Colors
    • ✅ Grey
    • ✅ Red
  • Wholesale Available Stock Sizes
    • ✅ 22x100 cm

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**Why Dog Towels with hand?: A Must-Have for Pet Stores and Groomers**

In the dynamic world of pet grooming and care, embracing the power of microfiber dog towels is not just practical—it's essential. Lightweight, quick-drying, and less prone to trapping fur compared to ordinary cotton towels, microfiber dog towels offer a multitude of benefits for both pets and their owners.

Here's why microfiber stands out as the optimal choice for pet grooming:


- **Quick-Drying**: 

Microfiber's rapid drying capabilities ensure that wet pets are swiftly and thoroughly dried, making bath time or rainy day clean-ups a breeze.


- **High Absorbency**: 

With the ability to absorb water five times more effectively than traditional towels, microfiber dog towels excel in soaking up moisture and dirt, leaving pets feeling fresh and clean.


- **Odor Elimination**: 

Say goodbye to the lingering wet dog smell. Microfiber's premium pile effectively absorbs water and dirt without leaving behind any unpleasant odors, ensuring a pleasant grooming experience.


- **Comfortable**: 

Crafted with the softest microfiber fabric, OYATEXTILE's microfiber towels offer unparalleled comfort for pets during grooming sessions, making them feel pampered and at ease.

Our microfiber pet towels come in various sizes to suit all breeds, ensuring every pet receives the care and attention they deserve. Plus, they're safe to machine wash and dry, making maintenance a breeze for busy pet stores and groomers.

But what sets microfiber dog towels apart from traditional cotton towels? Let's explore:


- **Specialized Absorption**: 

Our microfiber pet towels employ advanced orange shaping technology, increasing surface area and pore density for enhanced water absorption. This specialized knitting process ensures ultra-fast drying, reducing grooming time significantly.


- **Decontamination and Degreasing**: 

Microfiber's unique transverse surface effectively captures tiny dust particles and grease, providing superior decontamination and degreasing properties compared to traditional towels.


- **Color Retention and Durability**: 

OYATEXTILE's microfiber pet towels are engineered to retain their vibrant colors and remain virtually unbreakable, thanks to our advanced dyeing and warp knitting technologies.


- **Easy to Clean**: 

Unlike traditional towels that trap dirt and grease within the fibers, microfiber towels efficiently absorb and trap dust between the fibers, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Upgrade your pet grooming arsenal with OYATEXTILE's microfiber dog towels and experience the difference firsthand. Elevate your grooming services, reduce drying time, and provide unparalleled comfort for your furry clients. Invest in microfiber—where practicality meets perfection.

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